Warning: The articles on this page contain major spoilers.

Below is the roster of students from Kingman, Arizona's Cochise High School. This list shows each individual's name, number, designated weapon, and whether they have killed anyone, or been unlucky enough to get killed themselves.

Student Matrix: Male
Student Number Student Name Designated Weapon Kill Count Cause of Death
B001 Parker, Min-jae Telescopic Baton

Howard, Samuel
Caldwell, Lillian "Lily"
Harte, Brendan
Gulley, Jonathan

B002 Harrod, Conrad 6-foot Halberd Porter, Harold Stabbed
B003 Frasier, Jeremy Scoped Raging Bull

Kurosawa, Junko
Fields, Benjamin "Ben"

Gunshot wound
B004 Bracewell, Joshua Falchion None Stabbed
B005 Gatti, Vincenzo/a 'Vinny' 'Enzo' Chef's Knife None Collar detonation
B006 Banks, Barry MAC-10 None Injuries from fall
B007 Bustamante, Jasper Broken Bottle None Gunshot wounds
B008 Turner, Nate 6-foot Bo Staff None Strangled
B009 Rigano, Alessio 10 foot pole

Herrig, Cameron
Spencer, Henry
Cucinotta, Maria
Kendrickstone, Hannah
Saraki, Kiziah
Kehlenbrink, Maxim
Reagan, Coleen

B010 Whitley, Noah Sawblade Slinger Ramirez, Isabel Stabbed
B011 Crowe, Michael Felling Axe None Stabbed
B012 RETIRED (Bryan Calvert from V2) --- --- ---
B013 Vacanti, Alvaro $1000, in 100 $10 bills

Banks, Barry
Bustamante, Jasper
Djezari, Irene

Gunshot wounds
B014 Spencer, Henry 8-foot Bullwhip None Bled out
B015 Lynch, Travis Garrotte (piano wire) None Gunshot wounds
B016 Yazzie, Tyler Ram Dao sword None Gunshot wound
B017 Cappotelli, Bart Dale Carnegie’s “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” None Gunshot wounds
B018 Kehlenbrink, Maxim Hunting Bow & 20 Arrows Stone, Vanessa Bludgeoned
B019 Fury, Jeremiah Switchblade

Andreasson, Toby
Lynch, Travis

Run over by a car
B020 Brooks, Daniel "Danny" Portable CD Player with batteries None Stabbed
B021 Morales, Cristobal "Cristo" 5-foot spear None Stabbed
B022 Larkin, Jeremiah "Jerry" Shock Knife None Stabbed
B023 Van Dyke, Darius Chisel None Gunshot wound
B024 Moradi, Matthew "Matt" Selfie Stick

Cartwright, Wade
Lichter, Benjamin "Ben/Squirrel"
Slattery, Aiden
Waters, Serena

Gunshot wound
B025 Bricks, Sanford "Sandy" 1X Molotov Cocktail None Stabbed
B026 Floyd, Bradley M16 Rifle None Impaled
B027 Pearce, Oskar Walther P99 Madison, Jane Jumped off the cliffs
B028 Bauer, Keith Nail-gun and bag of nails None Bled out
B029 Slattery, Aiden Haladie None Bludgeoned
B030 Harte, Brendan Can of high-quality cat food

Larkin, Jeremiah "Jerry"
Thomas, Bernadette
Schanbacher, Jaime

Shot with a crossbow bolt
B031 Howard, Samuel Crossbow (20 bolts) None Beaten
B032 Tarquin, Alexander "Alex" Machete

Adams, Rea
Crowe, Michael
McKinley, William "Will"

B033 Diamond, Caleb Nixon Mask None Throat cut
B034 Porter, Harold Shatterproof coffee brewing pot None Bled out
B035 McKay, Jonathan "Johnny" Tracking Bud and Transponder None Hypothermia
B036 Fields, Benjamin "Ben" Bag of dried chipotle chillies None Gunshot wound
B037 McKinley, William "Will" One ten-pack of cable tie handcuffs

Van Dyke, Darius
Tarquin, Alexander "Alex"

Bled out
B038 Cartwright, Wade Adrenaline & needle None Bludgeoned
B039 Green, Jordan 30 feet of rope None Jumped off the slopes
B040 Gulley, Jonathan Audio recorder (20 minutes of blank tape included)

Tan, Amanda
Rigano, Alessio

B041 Cox, Wayne KABAR Combat Knife None Jumped off asylum roof
B042 Settles, Mitch Glock 19 None Suicide via gunshot
B043 Bernstein, Arthur Paintball gun None Gunshot wounds
B044 Dobson, Steve Sickle None Stabbed
B045 Banks, Alan Toy Lightsaber None Stabbed
B046 Lichter, Benjamin "Ben/Squirrel" Etch-a-Sketch None Bludgeoned

Student Matrix: Female
Student Number Student Name Designated Weapon Kill Count Cause of Death
G001 Prince, Cass Mop None Gunshot wounds
G002 Caldwell, Lillian "Lily" Army Helmet Luz, Eliza Shot with a crossbow bolt
G003 Sommerfeld, Bridgette Toothbrush & Toothpaste None Bludgeoned and stabbed
G004 Riva, Nadia Pair of Walkie-Talkies (24 hours of battery included) None Jumped off the bridge
G005 Baker, Alice String of bunting None Gunshot wound
G006 Adams, Bryony Deck of playing cards

Moore, Blair

Bled out
G007 Shelley, Dorothy 2x Escrima sticks

Ramirez, Isabel
Jung, Hazel
Fitzgerald, Penelope

G008 Reagan, Coleen Complete DVD series of Drake & Josh

Bernstein, Arthur
Rigano, Alessio

Gunshot wounds
G009 Dyer, Sandra Pot lid None Fell off the asylum roof
G010 Senay, Fiyori Military Shovel

Ramirez, Isabel
Fischer, Olivia
Miller, Caedyn
Baker, Alice
Banks, Candice
Turner, Nate

Walked off the asylum roof
G011 Miller, Caedyn MMA gloves

Sommerfeld, Bridgette
Frasier, Jeremy
Prince, Cass

Gunshot wound
G012 Behzad, Taranis Flashbang grenades x3 None Self-inflicted wounds
G013 Fitzgerald, Penelope Book for ‘Learning Spanish in 30 Days’ None Bled out
G014 McAfee, Scarlett Prison Shiv (Sharpened dowel) None Bled out
G015 Kao, Kimiko Megaphone

Morales, Cristobal "Cristo"
Floyd, Bradley
Diamond, Caleb
Kyle, Nancy
Yazzie, Tyler
Reed, Jasmine

Shrapnel wounds
G016 Schanbacher, Jaime Calculator None Gunshot wound
G017 Rose, Raina 1x Hand Grenade None Drowned
G018 Sur, Asha Taser None Throat slashed
G019 Waters, Serena Keys to a Jeep Fury, Jeremiah Beaten
G020 Saraki, Kiziah Ithaca 37 None Gunshot wound
G021 Rose, Mia Uzi-Pro None Drugged
G022 Luz, Emma 16 feet of barbed wire Bauer, Keith Gunshot wounds
G023 Su, Jennifer Flashlight None Fell off bridge
G024 Luz, Eliza 5-foot Zweihander None Bled out
G025 Reyes, Audrey Nunchaku None Collar detonation
G026 Jung, Hazel Binoculars None Stabbed
G027 RETIRED (Amaranta Montalvo from V5) --- --- ---
G028 Andreasson, Toby Butterfly Knife None Stabbed
G029 Day, Georgia Lee Lock-picking kit (with manual) None Bled out
G030 King, Jasmine Brass Knuckles None Slashed own throat
G031 Banks, Candice AWC G2 None Gunshot wounds
G032 Djezari, Irene Mossberg 590 None Gunshot wound
G033 Moore, Blair Scutum

Wolfe, Rene
Day, Georgia Lee
Moradi, Matthew "Matt"
Adams, Bryony

G034 Tate, Astrid Fake gun that fires a 'BANG!' flag None Throat slit
G035 Reyes, Alba CD of Jenny from the Block (Single)

Greene, Kaitlyn
Luz, Emma
Kao, Kimiko

Suicide via landmine
G036 Kyle, Nancy Hatchet

McAfee, Scarlett
Luz, Sabrina
Bricks, Sanford "Sandy"
Wallace, Jennifer
Price, Leslie

G037 Floyd, Abigail Smoke grenades X3 None Slashed own wrists
G038 Peterson, Lucilly Porno mag None Disemboweled
G039 Wolfe, Rene Smith and Wesson SW1911 None Gunshot wound
G040 Tan, Amanda FN Model 1949 McKinley, William "Will" Gunshot wounds
G041 Kurosawa, Junko Wooden Baseball Bat None Gunshot wound
G042 Luz, Sabrina 10" Screwdriver None Hacked apart
G043 Halwood, Clarice Can of Air Freshener None Collar detonation
G044 Cucinotta, Maria Shamshir None Stabbed
G045 Thomas, Bernadette AK-47 None Head trauma
G046 Ramirez, Isabel Padlock & Key

Luz, Florentina 'Tina'
Harrod, Conrad
Brooks, Daniel "Danny"
Dobson, Steve
Sur, Asha
Tate, Astrid
Luz, Eliza
Peterson, Lucilly
Whitley, Noah
Banks, Alan

Gunshot and stab wounds
G047 Luz, Florentina 'Tina' Man-catcher None Throat cut
G048 Herrig, Cameron Pickaxe None Stabbed
G049 Adams, Rea Colt Single Action Army None Stabbed
G050 Stone, Vanessa Bag of weed and blunt wraps None Bludgeoned
G051 Williams, Lili Nightstick Takahara, Asuka Suicide via gunshot
G052 Reed, Jasmine Ball-peen hammer Bracewell, Joshua Gunshot wounds
G053 Beckett, Melanie Tickle-me Elmo None Collar detonation
G054 Madison, Jane Bottle of Famous Grouse Whiskey None Gunshot wound
G055 Wallace, Jennifer 3 feet of chain None Gunshot wound
G056 Takahara, Asuka Mauser C96 None Gunshot wound
G057 Cole, Tessa Mabel M18A1 Claymore Mine with electronic trigger None Collar detonation
G058 Greene, Kaitlyn Horse tranquilizer with syringe Rose, Mia Gunshot wound
G059 RETIRED (Kimberly Nguyen from V4) --- --- ---
G060 Pfeiffer, Scout Bonesaw

Vacanti, Alvaro
Ramirez, Isabel
Cappotelli, Bart

Internal injuries
G061 Kendrickstone, Hannah Houndstooth fabric wrapped around a 2x4 None Suffocated
G062 Fischer, Olivia Lobotomy Pick None Gunshot wound
G063 Winters, Natalie Polaroid Camera (20 shot reel included) None Fell down the slopes
G064 Price, Leslie Whistle None Gunshot wound