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The premise of Survival of the Fittest is simple in nature. Kill or be killed is the only rule. No time-outs, no out-of-bounds, everyone is open game. In a game as primal as this, there are bound to be casualties-of-war. Below, you can find a list of each student who has sacrificed his or her life to the program, which number they were to die, and who killed them.

The following is a list of everyone who has died thus far in SOTF version 6 in the order they died and how they were killed. This page is constantly updated as more students are killed so check back often.

Death OrderEdit

107th - Jennifer Su - Fell off a bridge
106th - Tina Luz - Throat cut by Isabel Ramirez
105th - Scarlett McAfee - Bled out from wounds inflicted by by Nancy Kyle
104th - Cristo Morales - Stabbed by Kimiko Kao
103rd - Barry Banks - Pushed off the bell tower by Alvaro Vacanti
102nd - Abigail Floyd - Suicide by slitting her wrists
101st - Harold Porter - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Conrad Harrod
100th - Rea Adams - Stabbed by Alex Tarquin
99th - Conrad Harrod - Beaten and stabbed by Isabel Ramirez
98th - Joshua Bracewell - Stabbed by Jasmine Reed
97th - Jane Madison - Shot by Oskar Pearce
96th - Jasmine King - Suicide by stabbing her throat
95th - Sabrina Luz - Hacked apart by Nancy Kyle
94th - Bradley Floyd - Impaled by Kimiko Kao
93rd - Sanford Bricks - Stabbed in the eye by Nancy Kyle
92nd - Jeremiah Larkin - Stabbed in the neck by Brendan Harte
91st - Mitch Settles - Suicide via gunshot
90th - Danny Brooks - Stabbed repeatedly by Isabel Ramirez
89th - Samuel Howard - Beaten to death by Min-jae Parker
88th - Caleb Diamond - Throat cut by Kimiko Kao
87th - Cameron Herrig - Stabbed in the abdomen by Alessio Rigano
86th - Mia Rose - Drugged by Kaitlyn Greene
85th - Tessa Mabel Cole - Collar detonation due to camera vandalism
84th - Wayne Cox - Jumped off the asylum roof
83rd - Henry Spencer - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Alessio Rigano
82nd - Steve Dobson - Stabbed in the head by Isabel Ramirez
81st - Jasper Bustamante - Shot in the stomach and head by Alvaro Vacanti
80th - Oskar Pearce - Jumped off the cliffs
79th - Bridgette Sommerfeld - Bludgeoned and stabbed by Caedyn Miller
78th - Jennifer Wallace - Shot in the neck by Nancy Kyle
77th - Leslie Price - Shot in the head by Nancy Kyle
76th - Taranis "Tara" Behzad - Suicide by self inflicted injuries
75th - Darius Van Dyke - Shot in the head by William McKinley
74th - Bernadette Thomas - Head trauma after being pushed by Brendan Harte
73rd - Irene Djezari - Shot by Alvaro Vacanti
72nd - Toby Andreasson - Stabbed by Jeremiah Fury
71st - Asha Sur - Throat slashed by Isabel Ramirez
70th - Maria Cucinotta - Stabbed repeatedly by Alessio Rigano
69th - Astrid Tate - Throat slit by Isabel Ramirez
68th - Travis Lynch - Shot by Jeremiah Fury
67th - Arthur Bernstein - Shot by Coleen Reagan
66th - Junko Kurosawa - Shot by Jeremy Frasier
65th - Natalie Winters - Fell down the slopes
64th - Alvaro Vacanti - Shot by Scout Pfeiffer
63rd - Nancy Kyle - Stabbed by Kimiko Kao
62nd - Michael Crowe - Stabbed by Alex Tarquin
61st - Eliza Luz - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Isabel Ramirez and Lily Caldwell
60th - Nadia Riva - Jumped off the bridge
59th - Lucilly Peterson - Disemboweled by Isabel Ramirez
58th - Kaitlyn Greene - Shot by Alba Reyes
57th - Alex Tarquin - Stabbed by William McKinley
56th - William McKinley - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Amanda Tan and Alex Tarquin
55th - Noah Whitley - Stabbed repeatedly by Isabel Ramirez
54th - Alan Banks - Stabbed in the throat by Isabel Ramirez

==This is the halfway point in the game==

53rd - Isabel Ramirez - Repeatedly stabbed and shot by Noah Whitley, Fiyori Senay, Scout Pfeiffer, and Dorothy Shelley
52nd - Rene Wolfe - Shot by Blair Moore
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Kill RankingsEdit

10 Kills:

Isabel Ramirez (Tina Luz, Conrad Harrod, Danny Brooks, Steve Dobson, Asha Sur, Astrid Tate, Eliza Luz, Lucilly Peterson, Noah Whitley, Alan Banks)

5 Kills:

Nancy Kyle (Scarlett McAfee, Sabrina Luz, Sanford Bricks, Jennifer Wallace, Leslie Price)

4 Kills:

Kimiko Kao (Cristo Morales, Bradley Floyd, Caleb Diamond, Nancy Kyle)

3 Kills:

Alvaro Vacanti (Barry Banks, Jasper Bustamante, Irene Djezari)
Alessio Rigano (Cameron Herrig, Henry Spencer, Maria Cucinotta)
Alex Tarquin (Rea Adams, Michael Crowe, William McKinley)

2 Kills:

Brendan Harte (Jeremiah Larkin, Bernadette Thomas)
Jeremiah Fury (Toby Andreasson, Travis Lynch)
William McKinley (Darius Van Dyke, Alex Tarquin)
Scout Pfeiffer (Alvaro Vacanti, Isabel Ramirez)

1 Kill:

Conrad Harrod (Harold Porter)
Jasmine Reed (Joshua Bracewell)
Oskar Pearce (Jane Madison)
Min-jae Parker (Samuel Howard)
Kaitlyn Greene (Mia Rose)
Caedyn Miller (Bridgette Sommerfeld)
Coleen Reagan (Arthur Bernstein)
Jeremy Frasier (Junko Kurosawa)
Lily Caldwell (Eliza Luz)
Alba Reyes (Kaitlyn Greene)
Amanda Tan (William McKinley)
Fiyori Senay (Isabel Ramirez)
Noah Whitley (Isabel Ramirez)
Dorothy Shelley (Isabel Ramirez)
Blair Moore (Rene Wolfe)

Suicides/Accidents/Collar detonations:

Jennifer Su (Fell off the bridge)
Abigail Floyd (Suicide by slitting her wrists)
Jasmine King (Suicide by stabbing her throat)
Mitch Settles (Suicide via gunshot)
Tessa Mabel Cole (Collar detonated)
Wayne Cox (Jumped off the asylum roof)
Oskar Pearce (Jumped off the cliffs)
Taranis "Tara" Behzad (Suicide via self inflicted injuries)
Natalie Winters (Fell down the slopes)
Nadia Riva (Jumped off the bridge)

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