Handler of Andi Ayala, Kristey Burrowell, and Matthew Lafferty.

Xaldien, in real life named Andi Ayala, joined SOTF in the later days of V1 and subsequently entered V2.

Xaldien is still rather new to RPing, and constantly thrives to improve himself. In addition to SOTF, he is a huge fan of Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, and various other games. He is also a youtube director, specializing in video editing to make music videos for various games and animes.

He lives in Portland with his dad, Daniel E Ayala (who was also written into V2 as a side-character), and his cat, Miss Cleo. He is openly gay, and as a result he tends to keep at least one gay character in his roster.

Around Spring, Xaldien took a leave of absence from SOTF due to troubles in life, and forfeited Andi, and Kristey leaving their plotlines incomplete, much to his chagrin.

On October 25th, 2007, Xaldien officially returned to SOTF to start planning for V3. He is currently handling the character of Clive Maxwell, and is working on profiles for Josh Kenn, and others. He also RPs as Pre-game character Siouxsie Sioux, who he intends to make re-occurring.

Xaldien also commonly RPs and partners with handler LaZardo.

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