Name Yeogang High School
Type Private; Senior High School
Location Yeoju, South Korea
Colors N/A
Mascot Egret

Yeogang High School is a private high school located in Yeoju, South Korea. During the sixth testing phase of the SOTF ACT, a group of tenth grade students were abducted from this school. Those students are as follows. Please note that these names have been Americanized for convenience sake and are written in standard (first, last) order.

B01. Hyun-Shik Kyung
B02. In-Ho Ryu
B03. Jin-Sang Zhang
B04. Jung Hee Hyong
B05. Kwan Pai
B06. Kang-Dae Ryang
B07. Min Ho Wu
B08. Mun-Hee Zoo
B09. Myung-Dae Zhin
B10. Nam-Kyu Ryou
B11. Tae-Hyun Mar
B12. Yong Sook Jean
B13. Bae Park
B14. Chin Ho Van
B15. Young Jae Minn
B16. Dong-Min Bai
B17. Du-Ho Jee
B18. Hyo Boo
B19. In-Su Pang
B20. Jung Hee Bahng
B21. Duck-Young Choun


G01. Ae Sook Kim
G02. Chun Hei Lee
G03. Dukhye Park
G04. Chung Cha Yoo
G05. Eun Kyung Chung
G06. Hana Choi
G07. Chanju Khang
G08. Hei Ryung Yeun
G09. Hye Su Zhang
G10. Hyun Jung Chang
G11. Myeongseoung Shin
G12. Jae Hwa Chin
G13. Kyung Soon Lim
G14. Bangja Hann
G15. Mi Cha Suh
G16. Mi Young Cheon
G17. Sang Hee Lyang
G18. Sun Jung Seung
G19. Haewon Chu
G20. Suk-Chul Wu
G21. Young Nam Moon

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