Real Name: Robert Rice
Time with SotF: Joined in late September 2007, just in time for V3.
Age: 22
V3 Characters: Nick Jones, Adonis Zorba, Julia Lauper V4 Characters: Stacy Hart, Owen Rothschild, Jason Stevens (NPC) V5 Characters: Takeshi Yoshikawa (Adopted by Muninn)

Biography: Zabriel has been a great fan of Battle Royale since his senior year of high school, and has been looking for innovative RPGs based on the story since then. He enjoys playing female characters, and is a great fan of the femme fatale archetype. He generally avoids them however, in the interest of not having fifteen Mitsuko Soumas running around.

Zabriel's favorite Battle Royale characters are Mitsuko, Kiriyama, and Chigusa. He likes the book better than the movie, but he really loved the character of Kitano in the movie. He also found himself drooling a bit whenever Kiriyama entered the scene, because Kazuo is just that sexy. He generally doesn't read BR fanfiction, because he feels that most of it is poorly written, and the ships get a bit ridiculous.

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